Community Development Works is a program of The Rapides Foundation

Webinar Archives

Accessed at your computer or mobile device these sessions are ideal for in-service training, skills polishing and orienting staff, managers and board members to various aspects of effective management of nonprofit organizations.

Spring & Fall 2019 Webinars

  • 5 FREE Technology Tools

Spring & Fall 2017 Webinars

  • Promoting Your Volunteer Program

  • How to Build a Successful Budget

  • Steps to Building an Effective Budget

  • Cash Flow Management

Spring & Fall 2016 Webinars

  • Engage Volunteers in Your Cause

Spring & Fall 2015 Webinars

  • Ensuring Job Satisfaction

  • Capital Campaigns

  • Researching Evidence-based Programs

  • Setting Performance Indicators

Older Webinars

  • Orientating New Board Members

  • Strategic Planning

  • Facebook 3: Promoting Events

  • Facebook 2: Nonprofit Engagement

  • Facebook 1: Setup a Nonprofit Page

  • Board Recruitment and Retention

  • Understanding Nonprofits for New Staff

  • Promoting Your Volunteer Program

  • Understanding Form 990

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