Community Development Works is a program of The Rapides Foundation

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CDW offers workshops and webinars as professional development opportunities for nonprofit staff and community volunteers working within nonprofits in Central Louisiana.


The Staffbuilders Training Calendar is a free professional development resource for nonprofit staff and volunteers. Offered in the Spring and Fall, you can choose what you want to learn in order to strengthen your skills on an array of nonprofit management topics.

Sessions comprise four main areas:

Training Schedule

To get started, pick the training series you want. Each series starts with a summary of what it covers. You can register for all the sessions in that series at once. Below the summary, you can register for specific sessions you are interested in.


CDW's Learning Lab is a civic engagement resource center and customized nonprofit management library. With WiFi access, you can research the latest Giving USA data, learn how to access Louisiana voting data and voter registration resources, or use CDW's various collections of nonprofit sector resources.


Learn more about the Central Louisiana nonprofit sector, including key statistics, demographics, and geographic placement of local assets. CDW's Learning Lab maintains a Map of Cenla Nonprofits along with a Profile of Central Louisiana. Use these resources in your program planning and grant writing.

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