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Rhonda Reap-Curiel - CENCOR Consulting Group, LLC

CENCOR works in the areas of business development, economic development, and workforce development. We work directly with developers, businesses and municipalities to find coordinate, evaluate, calibrate, organize and realize their goals. We have the abilities to provide extensivel demographic research, site selection analysis, grant research and writing, strategic planning and meeting facilitation.
Parish(es) Served: Allen, Avoyelles, Grant, LaSalle, Natchitoches, Rapides, Vernon, Winn
Specialization(s): Assessment/Evaluation, Collaboration, Community Development/Organizing, Program Development, Strategic Planning
Mission(s) Supported: Assessment/Evaluation, Collaboration, Community Development/Organizing, Program Development, Strategic Planning
Degrees(s) Certificate(s) :
Degree/Certification School or City/State Date/Year
BA Newcomb College, Tulane University, New Orleans 31167
MBA AB Freeman, Tulane University, New Orleans 38199
Certified Economic Developer IEDC, recertified 37864
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Years of Consulting Experience

1-5 years


P O Box 12096 Alexandria, LA 71315


(318) 308-9921

Affiliates :

Client References
Client: Town of Jena
Description Of Service Provided: Delivered CPEX Smartgrowth grant per specifications of CPEX. Grant was researched and written in less than 2 weeks.
Contact: Mayor Murphy McMillin
Phone Number: (318) 992-2148
Current Client : No
Completion Date: 38227
Client References
Client: Terrebonne Economic Development Authority
Description Of Service Provided: Provided facilitation services for board retreat as part of their strategic planning process. Additionally have provided opportunities for parish businesses impacted by trade to meet with a representative from the Southwest Trade Adjustment Center to learn about the program and how to make application for assistance.
Contact: Michael Ferdindand
Phone Number: 985-873-6890
Current Client : Yes
Client References
Client: Cyntreniks
Description Of Service Provided: Provided extensive research on financial opportunities, as well as grant opportunites as they relate to supporting the opening of the Hotel Bentley in Alexandria. Additionally, have performed economic impact analyses, proforma reviews, marketing analyses, and provided legislative support in regards to lobbying legislative issues as they relate to state new maret tax credits, state historic tax credits, and the hotel/motel taxing district for Alexandria.
Contact: John Schneider
Phone Number: (225) 346-5080
Current Client : Yes
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